Every T-shirt is very special for us. We print it, sew it and pack it ourselves, so every time you get a T-shirt from Marshmallow you also get a piece of our heart!

Marshmallow can be your daughter’s new favorite t-shirt, because it’s a customizable t-shirt!

From this moment young ladies can vary their look by changing cute miniature dresses.

T-shirts from Marshmallow with little dresses – it’s not just an addition to the wardrobe of your child, but also a great game that will help develop a sense of style, as is now your baby will be able to change her image wherever she is and at any time, simply taking with her extra little dress.

Changing T-shirts for little candy kids

These changing T-shirts cannot be found in any store

Author’s design, handmade, gift wrapping

An original gift and a developing game

A gift from Marshmallow is not just a T-shirt! This is a game which you can spend the whole day with. There are three lovely mini-dresses for different occasions hidden in a small box-purse. The dresses are attached to the T-shirt with a velcro. Therefore, they can be easily changed as many times as necessary (the velcro will stand everything).

We worked everything out ourselves, from the style of the T-shirts to the design of mini-dresses (which are hand-made). And the pictures for each collection are drawn specially for Marshmallow!

Your Princess will receive a cute handbag with a T-shirt, three mini-dresses and a little surprise;)